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Motor Grader


Motor graders are used in excavation and precision finishing in the final shaping of surfaces where pavement will be laid. They come in all types and sizes and are used for a number of construction jobs. XCMG Including the range from 100HP to 300HP for various different machinery and attachment for your need.

Model Engine brand Moldboard width x height mmmm Gearbox Operating Weight (kg)
GR100 Dongfeng Cummins4BT3.9(102HP) 3048x500 Hangzhou 7000
GR135 Dongfeng Cummins6BTA5.9(135HP) 3660×610 Hangzhou 11000
GR165 ShangchaiSC8D170G2B1(170HP) 3965×610 Hangzhou 15000
GR180 Shangchai SC8D190G2B1(190HP) 3965×610 Hangzhou 15400
GR200 Shangchai SC8D200G2B1(200HP) 4270×610 Hangzhou 16000
GR215 Dongfeng Cummins6CTA8.3(215HP) 4270×610 Hangzhou 16500
GR230 Dongfeng Cummins6CTA8.3(215HP) 4270×610 ZF 16500
GR215A Dongfeng Cummins6CTA8.3(215HP) 4270×610 ZF 16100
GR260 Dongfeng Cummins(260HP) 4572×787 ZF 24000
GR300 Orignal cummins QSL9(300HP) 4877×787 ZF 26000

Optional attachments
Front dozer blade Rear ripper ROPS cab Automatic leveling unit